Powerland is a leading power company, providing full services, products, solutions for power electronics, renewable energy including LI-ION battery chargers.

Company Profile

Powerland Group is a leading power company, providing full services, products and solutions for power electronics and renewable energy applications with high efficiency, high reliability, ultra long lifetime, and high power density.

Since the establishment in 2009, Powerland has attracted international expertise into its R&D team. Dr. Ming Xu, Powerland’s president, served as the leading scientist in the Center for Power Electronics Systems (CPES), the top one in this field world wide, and the invited lecturer of Intel Inc. Together with 105 engineers (including 45 masters and 7 Ph. Ds), Powerland never stops integrating technology innovation with experienced product development, to design and manufacture high-end power electronics products, including Li-ion battery chargers,  LED drivers, high-reliability power, DCDC, and standard power. In addition, to strengthen our technology and market competitiveness, Powerland has established strategic cooperation relationships with multiple global companies, and carries on the customized design service for challenging power solutions.

Looking into the future, Powerland will continue our “Me-First” product strategy, and will extend our advantages in leading-edge technologies, targeting at the world leader of the “Zero Carbon” system solutions for renewable energy and power electronics field.