Swissbit, a worldwide operating leading manufacturer of flash storage and security solutions, was created through a management buyout from Siemens Semiconductor in 2001. With over 25 years of experience in the memory & storage industry Swissbit has become a world-class leader in technology, supplying high-quality, high reliability solutions in all established storage interfaces.

Embedded Storage Solutions

Why choose a Swissbit product

Our sophisticated product design and flash handling algorithms optimize the performance and life of the various 2D and 3D NAND flashes used in our products.

OEMs of various industries require a variety of memory and storage solutions. In contrast to typical consumer devices, Swissbit‘s embedded memory and storage solutions are designed for the highest reliability under extreme environmental conditions. They come with a large feature set tailored to the demands of the industrial, automotive, and NetCom markets and with our commitment to long-term availability.


Swissbit SSDs with SATA and PCIe interface are designed to meet the requirements of embedded and NetCom applications. They cover a wide range of densities and temperature specifications. All Swissbit SSDs are highly reliable, optimized for lowest total cost of ownership.

2.5″ SATA
mSATA MO-300
Slim SATA MO-297


Removable storage cards are ideal for systems that need long-term upgrades or are sealed housings with customer configurable storage.
Swissbit cards are robust and reliable and protected against dust, humidity, ESD and shock/vibration.
They are available both with legacy and recent interface technology. Swissbit underlines its longevity focus by regularly adding new members with latest NAND technology to the range of storage cards.

CompactFlash Cards
CFast Cards
CFexpress Cards


The Universal Serial Bus (USB) is still a widely used interface for NetCom system booting or for update and licensing purposes. Swissbit offers USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 products in different form factors and in commercial and industrial operating temperature ranges. State-of-the art NAND flash handling algorithms, stringent component selection, PCN control, and a 100% final system test at full temperature range (-40°C to 85°C) qualify Swissbit’s USB Flash Drive (UFDs) for embedded and NetCom markets.
All Swissbit USB solutions combine security features and Life Time Monitoring tools for product life control. USB products are available in SLC, MLC and pSLC technology to meet the endurance and speed requirements of the different use cases.

eUSB 2.0 Modules
eUSB 3.1 Modules
USB Drives

Managed NAND

Managed NAND incorporates one or multiple NAND flash dies, a Flash controller, an optional DRAM die and the NAND firmware into a BGA package with a standardized interface. This makes integration into host systems easy and relieves the responsibility from the system integrator to manage the raw NAND Flash. Managed NAND comes in a variety of interfaces and features.